Pricing & Packaging


Includes one member


Billed monthly.

  • Membership is based on a one-year agreement
    • Are you interested in automatic renewal?
      • Notification for the automatic renewal will occur one month before your anniversary date. Or should you choose to discontinue your membership, as you prefer your competition have the advantage, this will prompt you to cancel your membership.
    • Or do you prefer your membership year to year?
      • We’ll remind you three months before your membership expires.
  • You’ll have the option to be billed on a monthly basis or get it over with a one-time payment
  • Credit cards accepted (earn those perks!)
  • No personal checks


Starting at $499.00 per member

Do you have more than one member of your company that is interested in joining theEDGE? Enter the number of additional members in the box below to see what your one-year rate will be.


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